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About Us

A little Introduction About Us

Secret Squirrels Covert Labs is a Manufacturer and Retailer specializing in 100% USDA and Organic Certified Hemp Farmed in Portland Oregon. 

From Seed to You, Carefully Processed in Our Certified Lab where we use the Latest Technologies, Techniques and Equipment. 

We Guarantee Third Party Tested Pure USA Grown Hemp Products!


Pain Relief in Every Drop / Start Your CBD Journey Here

Provide Relief in Any Environment or Profession. From Desk Jockeys to Laborers. Whether You’re Job has Physical Requirements or Not, Relief is Available.

Products Reviews

Barry W.
Barry W.
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I was having consistent joint pains and although changing my eating habits helped Covert Labs FSHE provided all day relief. i Feel great all day and sleep like a log at night. No side effects to report other than feeling very clean.
Dave F.
Dave F.
IT Consultant
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working from home and sitting day after day has caused chronic lower back pain. i was instructed to rub a drop of oil the size of a grain of rice on my gums and that should do the trick. I have to say, the pain has subsided considerably. this is real solution and so far very consistent.
Corey R.
Corey R.
Real Estate
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I would lose focus at the beginning of every meeting due to chronic pain. CBD Tinctures have saved the day. Every day in fact. Thank You Covert Labs. I met them for consultation in person and Pat provided me with the best CBD ever!
Ron L.
Ron L.
Motivational Speaker
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Coaching and weekly presentations has caused a bit of ware and tear on my joints, especially my knees. I've tried many products and nothing comes close to the long lasting effects of Secret Squirrels Pain Butter. What a relief to have such a reliable remedy. A True Blessing!
Dave M.
Dave M.
Police Officer
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The NON-THC CBD gives me great relief from lower back pain. I've tried prescription options and other over the counter pain relief drugs but CBD does the job and i have not experienced any side effects. I can patrol without pain now and that makes me a happy guy and when i'm happy, my customers are happy.
Kevin O.
Kevin O.
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CBD has changed my life! I've had many Injuries playing sports and coaching football back in the day. Now that i coach Hockey the cold really effects my joints. So before every practice i take 10ml of the CBD drops and by the time i get to the rink my pain is gone. I sleep like a baby and i feel good in the morning.
Allen D.
Allen D.
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The best CBD oil i've had to date. Long lasting relief and clarity. You feel healthy taking this and your pain is gone. Thank You Covert Labs for helping me select the best oil for my issues. youre the best.
Tracey F.
Tracey F.
Travel Agent
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WOW what a different it to feel good and have less pain. I can sleep, i can eat, I can rock out with my girlfriends and not suffer. Im rested, focused and ready for anything. very happy
Pete C.
Pete C.
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Ive been working out for a hundred years and now that im older i feel the pain. so i tried FHSE oil and what a boost! not only relieves the pain but provides an energy boost like i havent felt in years. Great Stuff. im lifting harder than ever
Judy F.
Judy F.
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I have taken many prescriptions which most have not worked well and had bad side effects. Pat at the lab recommended the CBD/CBG capsules. after a couple days i noticed a level of clarity and i felt amazing. i've been taking this for 3 months now and the results are incredible. I'm healthy and strong again. Thank You Pat.
Christine L.
Christine L.
Travel Agent
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All these years I thought the pain in my lower posterior was just cause by my husband. I was partially wrong. It's actually Sciatica and the pain is constant. Adjustments are temporary and prescriptions make me sick so i gave CBD a try. I use the Pain Relief Tincture and i'm very happy with the results. Trying the Tea next. cant wait


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Chief Scientist

Senior Chief Scientist & Technician

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Lab Technician

Senior Lab Technician & Advisor

Mark Crawford

Chief Engineer

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Patrick Brophy

Lab Director

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CBG Distillate

3-gram CBG Distillate at 470 mg with a total of 1410mg of pure CBG

CBD CBG Capsules

Each bottle of our full spectrum industrial hemp CBD: CBG capsules delivers 900mg of non-GMO herbal supplementation to help with a large variety of different physiological issues.

CBD Isolate

Each 30ml tincture bottle contains 250mg/500mg/1000mg of clean industrial hemp oil (not seed-based, actual plant!)


Therapeutic Hemp Tea

Nervous, upset stomach, anxious, need to calm down and relax? An artisanal blend of fennel and cumin, combined with the highest quality hemp flower and premium organic black tea.

Black Tea Blend

Our premium, organic top choice hemp flower is masterfully blended with high quality organic black tea and select choice ingredients to produce an aromatic and palatably enjoyable experience you'll want to share with everyone you know.

UpLift Hemp Tea

Want to feel good and on top of the world? That's what UpLift is all about. Hemp flower is sprinkled with specially selected organic and uplifting herbs and finished off with premium organic black tea. This hemp tea will make you feel refreshed and ready to enjoy the day.


Christmas 2020

Tis’ The Season, Almost! Holiday Gifts have become increasingly more difficult to figure out. More so now that everyone’s worried about “The Virus”. So looking at products online on your computer or swiping through an

CBD Compliance and Safety

Global consumers have risen out of the Hemp and Cannabis “Disinformation” spell have found that manufacturing is an Artisan Craft more so than mass production. Sourcing knowledge takes prevalence growing CBD consumer knowledge base.   An


What is CBD?

CBD or “Cannabidiol” is phytocannabinoid and essential component derived from the Hemp Plant. 


All Covert Labs CBD Products contain either  0.3% THC or Blow 0.3% or ZERO THC. All Product COA’s Contain Proper Documentation Providing THC Levels.


All of our CBD Products are 100% Legal in all 50 United States.


We Process US Farm Grown Hemp in our Certified Lab located in Illinois


Our CBD is USDA Certified ORGANIC and NON-GMO from Industrial Hemp Plants.


All of our CBD Products re “Over the Counter” and Do Not Require Doctor Prescription.

From Seed to You


  • High concentration Hemp extracted through critical CO2 cold-extraction
  • Strong quality controls  – NO pesticides / NO herbicides
  • Each batch is tested every time on purity and quality
  • Generation of years of experience with hemp cultivation
  • Professional selection of the best hemp strains
  • Active participation in studies and investigations by prominent scientists